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R World Energy Solutions is a comprehensive full service sales and engineering firm providing sustainability, energy conservation, water management, and distributed / renewable "clean" energy solutions.  R World Energy has the latest technologies that are proven to reduce your energy consumption while providing you with a significant Return on Your Investment (ROI).

R World Energy provides the latest technologies and most forward-thinking services that are proven to reduce your energy and water consumption, minimize your carbon footprint, and increase your competitiveness while providing you with a significant Return on Your Investment (ROI).

Through our award winning Solar, Wind, Distributed Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions, R World is leading the way in providing the most advanced energy solutions on the market today.  In addition, as a leading renewable and energy efficiency company, we take a consultative approach utilizing Best Practices such as our Energy Evaluation & Audit (EEA) methodology to fully demonstrate these results.

Energy Efficiency

Save on your company’s expensive lighting, HVAC/Refrigeration and general electrical usage with our Energy Efficiency products:

Our Conservation Pack will provide you with a dramatic decrease in the rising cost of electricity.

Renewable and Distributed Clean Energy

Water Conservation

Let R World Energy Solutions help your organization save money and become more competitive by reducing its buildings’ water consumption by up to 50%, reducing over billing due to inaccurate/improperly sized meters, and minimizing exposure to storm water regulations.

Certifications & Associations

Member of US Green Building Council

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