About R World Energy

R World Energy Solutions is a full service sales and engineering energy firm.  One of our primary goals is to  work closely with our clients assisting them to understand where and how much energy is consumed within their organization.  From there we assist them in reducing the amount of energy consumed with state of the art conservation products.  This in turn leads to significant cost reductions with measurable ROI.

Additionally, we provide our clients with alternate methods of renewable energy specifically through best of breed solar and wind technologies.  Our status as a premier energy sales and consulting organization has even garnered R World Energy exclusive sales and distribution rights within the mid-Atlantic region for various state of the art energy conservation technologies.

Along with R World’s energy consulting practice, we have a top notch professional sales organization fully knowledgeable within the energy conservation sector.  Our sales professionals sell either vertically, that is they focus on specific industries such as restaurants, auto dealerships, hotels & hospitality, transportation & logistics, cold storage just to name a few.  Other of our sales professionals focuses more on a geographic basis covering specific geographically defined territories.

One of  R World Energy’s core values  is to constantly search for the latest cutting edge conservation and renewable energy products and solutions. It is our firm belief that we need to fully understand our client’s energy specific footprint, and in meeting those ends we ensure that our sales consultants are trained on a regular basis to fully understand the rapidly changing aspects of the energy industry as well as our clients’ unique requirements.  We do this  in order to  be able to provide best in class service to our clients.

R World also has fully trained certified energy specific engineers whose focus is to work with both our sales consultants and clients. R World’s engineers are also tasked to evaluate the latest products and technologies for energy conservation in order to maintain R World’s leadership status in the alternative energy space. This due diligence is one of the reasons that keeps R World on the leading edge within the energy conservation industry.