HVAC & Refrigeration Optimization

Experience the Power of R World Cooling & Refrigeration Optimization
R World constantly seeks out the latest cutting edge technology to bring its clients the best possible solutions to reduce their cooling systems’ power consumption.  As cooling and refrigeration are a major component of many industries’ utility bill, we have developed a full solution set to address our clients’ demands for a wide range of cooling and refrigeration optimization solutions.  After extensive evaluation, we have partnered with solution providers that have impressive proven track records at major corporations and institutions, and, in some cases, have been in use for 20 plus years abroad before recently coming to the United States.  

We optimize DX rooftop units, heat pumps, and retail/industrial refrigeration with startling results.  After analyzing our client’s cooling systems, we identify and develop a plan incorporating a range of sophisticated software, intelligent retrofits, and a revolutionary refrigerant & heat exchange enhancer. 
Typically we deliver efficiency gains of 15 – 20% plus and usually achieve payback periods of 24-36 months if not sooner. 

The areas we specialize in are: