Power Quality

Did know that low power factor can lead to large penalties being assessed to you by your utility company? Did you know that power surges can occur hundreds of thousands of times per hour, causing equipment to run hotter, thereby shortening its life or instantly destroying it? Did you know that facilities with unbalanced harmonics lead to inefficient motor operation and in some cases equipment damage?

R World Energy provides advanced power quality solutions that protect valuable electrical systems and machines from the effects of damaging surges, correct power factor and prevent expensive penalties, and balance harmonics to enable motors run more efficiently and facilities use energy more efficiently.

Power Factor Correction Benefits:

  • Eliminates power factor penalties
  • Enables motors to run cooler and reduces maintenance
  • Increased system capacity (generators, cables, transformers)
  • Reduced losses in transformers and cables
  • Improved voltage regulation
  • Increases life of electronics, lighting, motors, and transformers

Harmonic Balancing Benefits

  • Prevents mis-operation and damage of equipment
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Increased life of electronics and other equipment

Surge Protection Benefits:

  • Protects equipment from electrical surges, down-line lightning strikes, and voltage spikes
  • Eliminates most static electricity that can cause major damage to electronics
  • Extends electronic equipment life (ex. ballasts, fluorescent lighting, electronics, etc.)