Distributed / Renewable Energy

R World Energy provides Renewable Energy Solutions for both Solar and Wind.  Our solutions strive on educating our clients in the power of Energy Optimization and Distribution.  Each one of our products represents enormous financial energy savings.   R World represents “Green Technology” and certifies our clients as Green Companies which in turn represents their concern and duty as leaders of the community to help preserve our natural resources. 

  • Wind Energy Solutions - R World uses multiple wind technologies to help customers harness wind power
  • Solar Energy Solutions - Highly efficient technology for commercial businesses featuring both polycrystalline and thin film panels. 
  • Water Turbine Solutions - Harness local water sources to generate supplementary power for your facilities
  • Bloom Energy Server Solutions - State-of-the-Art technology offering the most fuel efficient and sustainable means to generate energy at your facility

These solutions can provide cost-effective efficiencies for your business either as a stand-alone solution or deployed together.