Water and Steam Management Services

We offer the following water conservation and steam optimization services:

  • Stormwater Mitigation: Programs to reduce & control urban runoff discharges, achieve the storm water mitigation standards outlined by DDOE, and ensure ERUs are reduced by at minimum 50%.
  • Steam System Optimization: Upgrading a failing steam system infrastructure can eliminate leakage and rapidly pay for itself through savings which are typically between 20-30% of capacity.
  • Sanitary / Domestic Uses:  Easy improvements that can be made in domestic water devices such as toilets, urinals, sink faucets and showers can readily achieve savings of 25-35%.
  • Cooling Towers: Optimizing operation and maintenance of cooling tower systems offers significant savings in water consumption.
  • Heating Systems / Boilers: Our programs address optimizing blowdown, boiler make-up treatment, stack economizers, and blowdown heat recovery units to increase efficiency.
  • Kitchen and Food Preparation: We use the latest technology to eliminate many of the water issues associated with dishwashers, kitchens faucets, tray conveyors, and other equipment.
  • Commercial Laundries:  Optimizing hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, universities and restaurants using ozonation, water recycle/reuse systems, and tunnel washer installation.
  • Rain Water Harvesting:  We specialize in the design and construction of complete rainwater harvesting packages entailing conceptual & design development, installation and maintenance.
  • Leak Detection:  We use Aquascan 610 Multi-Point correlators, acoustic ground mic kits, and other specialized equipment to systematic ally search for leaks within a property’s system.
  • Metering / Submetering: We audit our clients meter for inaccuracy due to obsolescence or poor repair, and recommend and install the proper metering systems to achieve a range of savings.
  • Process Equipment: We will evaluate your system and design a solution suited to your application, and can address autoclaves, vacuum/air pumps, refrigeration, sterilizers, and stills.
  • Irrigation Efficiency: Our irrigation efficiency program considers a range of areas including landscape irrigation, water efficient plants, automatic irrigation timers, smart controllers, centralized irrigation controllers, software, pressure regulated heads, flow control nozzles, sensors, and distribution efficiency.