Water Conservation and Steam Optimization

The U.S. population has doubled over the past 50 years, and according to the EPA by 2013 at least 36 states will be facing water shortages. Faced greater strains on available water resources, the federal, state, municipal governments are increasingly enacting new stricter water consumption and storm water regulations with higher costs of non-compliance. Similarly, more and more water utilities are increasing their rates due to higher demand, greater investment costs, and reduced supplies.

Get ahead of the curve and let R World Energy Solutions help your organization save money and become more competitive by reducing its buildings’ water consumption by up to 50%, reducing over billing due to inaccurate/improperly sized meters, and minimizing exposure to storm water regulations. 

Experience and proven results are the hallmarks of our water management services. Our water efficiency solutions are tailored to specific customer and market requirements, with seamless integration into the customer's facility.

Client-centric, we measure and verify the savings on every project and have learned through the years which products perform best in a specific situation producing the best combination of performance, price, and long term sustainable water savings.

Multi-family Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Public Housing, Prison and Correctional, Municipal, Water Utilities

Water and Steam Management Services
Sanitary / Domestic Uses,  Stormwater Mitigation,  Steam System Optimization,  Cooling Towers, Heating Systems / Boilers,  Kitchen and Food Preparation,  Commercial Laundries,  Rain Water Harvesting,  Leak Detection,  Metering / SubmeteringProcess Equipment,  Irrigation Efficiency